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BioVam Overview

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BioVam is a Mycorrhizal soil Biotic which contains Ectomycorrhiza, Endomycorrhiza, several species of bacteria and two species of trichoderma fungi ( see label ) which serve to enhance plant development.  There are many benefits attributed to the presence of BioVam's biotics working with the roots of plants.

 Mycorrhiza fungi bridge between the soil and the roots of host plants and work in cooperation with other microorganisms to produce many benefits: 

This high performing product includes natural proprietary materials exclusive to BioVam.  It is 100% non-toxic, and environmentally and ecologically safe. 

BioVam goes to work on plants to:

Inoculation  Inoculating with BioVam is easy.  To achieve beneficial results, the roots must be put in physical contact with the BioVam.  The amount of BioVam used depends largely on the type of application.  Generally, however, only a tablespoon of BioVam is required to inoculate most plants, including nursery container stocks. 

Long-Term Benefits BioVam puts back natural soil organisms into the ground that have been damaged by overuse of chemicals.  BioVam's "magic" works best in the poorest of soils, making it possible to grow crops where before it was thought to be impossible.   Because BioVam reduces the need for heavy use of fertilizers, pest controls and other inputs, BioVam has become the product of choice among an increasing number of vineyards, nurseries, and growers.

BioVam Equals Savings and Profits!

Think of the savings you'll realize by reducing or eliminating entirely some of your large investment inputs!  Since each agricultural sector has different costs, you can best judge what savings (and profits) will result from the following changes, as a result of using BioVam.

FERTILIZER - decreased use, as natural nutrient uptake increases

- greatly decreased, as plants become stronger and more resistant (Brix levels increase)

- decreased need, as water uptake increases naturally (larger xylem tubes in the plant to hold water and minerals)

- greatly decreased

- large increase

- increased ability

- increased

- increased


Natural Organic Products that Work!

Our Affordable Gardening Supply Products, which we call Natures Own Growing System, include Organic Gardening Kit, BioVam Mycorrhiza, BioMinerals 2.5-4-.2 general purpose fertilizer, Biosol Forte 7-2-1 Organic Fertilizer, Planters II Trace Mineral Fertilizer, Lime-50Lb, Soft Rock Phosphate-50Lb, Gypsum-50Lb, Yucca Extract, Microbe Tea Brewing Kits, Bio-Peat moss and mushroom compost, Zeolite, Organic Bar Soaps, Just Like Sugar Natural Sweetener, and Spider Elimination Kits (spider traps). Most of these products are used to grow high brix plants which are high in plant nutrients (mineral and vitamin) content.

People interested in these products are back yard gardeners, farmers, farm crop management, flower growers, home and garden supply companies, house plant growers, landscape companies, lawn care companies, plant nursery owners, organic farming, organic gardening, urban gardeners, and those who wish to pursue container gardening methods. Those interested in bettering their diets and health use our products to grow highly nutritious foods. 

The application of these products supports agriculture soil in general but has many specific applications on this web site for arborvitae, artichokes and asparagus, apple trees, asparagus fern, black leaf fungus on quaking aspen trees, bulbs and flowers, cactus, celery, chard, chrysanthemum, citrus trees, cotton, cosmos, cucumbers, eggplants, fairy rings in lawns, frost protection on Asian pear fruit trees, garlic, growing fruit trees, herbs, lettuce, maple trees, melons, necrotic ring spots in lawns, onions, pansy, peas, pears, promotion of earthworms in the soils, potatoes, pumpkins, raspberries, radishes, red hot chili peppers, rose plants, turf grass management of blue grass and all other kinds of grasses, spinach, stone fruit, strawberries, sugar cane, tomatoes, wine grape, vine and vineyard management, zucchini and squash of all kinds, many different vegetables and several thousand other specific plants - virtually everything grown on farms and in gardens aimed at plant and root enhancement. Numerous pictures are present in a variety of exhibits.

Contained in these products are soil life forms that are often found in some compost tea brewing kits but are much more effective in our BioVam Mycorrhiza product and our Microbe Tea Brewing kits. Organisms like, Mycorrhiza fungi (endomycorrhiza fungi and ectomycorrhiza fungi), nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphorous solubilizing bacteria, and bacteria that are beneficial organisms found in our BioVam product. Nitrogen fixing bacteria, cellulose eating trichoderma fungi, and many beneficial soil organisms are found in our Microbe Tea Brewing Kits.

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